Friday, April 11, 2008

A life time journey

It’s been a long time, I was trying to find out.. ‘true love’.

There are different forms of love.

True love is a form of love without selfishness. It not only includes truth & sincerity......but also includes care, dedication, sacrifice, faith.....thus the list continues. So that is the reason why it’s difficult to find true love in relationships. When you become selfish, you will loose the intensity of your love.

But from my quarter life span experience, I can say that true love is a form of love a mother gives to her child. I can tell you this because I am a daughter of a loving mother. A mother’s love is the purest form of love on earth. Her child is her own blood and flesh and for her that’s her life.

So guys never hurt your mom because she is the only one on earth who can love you without any boundaries......

I love you mom .

Love You Mom

Mom is someone very special in our life

Someone who gives the purest form of love

She is a Goddess you could see with your own eyes

Who can forgive the most unforgettable mistakes

She is the world of love

She will be always there for you to hold you tight

With lots of love to boost you up from the struggle against your faith

She will take the pain of 10 months with lots of love

Eagerly waiting for you to show you the world of love...the power of love

Love your mom ......she is the most beautiful woman on earth

She will be dreaming about you even in her deep sleep

You cannot break the power of her love....

Not even with the sharpest thing in this world

She will protect you from the evil and hide you from the lies

Under her wings of love and care

She will let you free to fly high

When she feels that you are strong enough

Wherever you go.....the hidden shield of love

Will be always there with you in the form of prayers

She will love you blindly even if you are good or bad

That’s the power of mom’s love

No other forms of love is as deep as a mom’s love

Love your mom ...she is the most lovable person in this whole world.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lost in the World of Hopes

Gone are those days

Lovely days of my life

Living for the sake of living

Flowing in the waves of life

No direction, no ups and no downs

The sea of life is very quite

You can hear the tickling sound of the tear drops

Falling into the ocean of sorrow

It stood still like a framed picture hanging in the wall

Without waves, without winds it seems lifeless

Slowly it felt drowning into the depth of the ocean of sorrow

lost her hopes....

lost the colour of her dreams

Minds are dark like a moonless night

Heart stops beating

Shattered the leaves of the trees of hopes

Left behind is jus the branches with no hopes

Hard to breath .....Hard to live

Feeling thirsty even in the middle of the ocean

The ocean of sorrow...the ocean of lost hopes

Roots started searching for a few drops to save the dying life

They dried becoz of the saltiness of the water

Lost are the hopes of life

Lost are the dreams of life

How long it can survive without leaves ...without water

The face of hope lost its brightness

It becomes darker and darker

Here comes the wind , the hope of life

But no not this time...

This time its blowing only in one direction

In no reason’s in the direction of lost hopes

Fallen the shrunken branches ,broken the roots of hopes

With a loud noise fallen off the trees of hopes ...the trees of dreams

No one heard the one listen to the noise of the lost hopes

Slowly the winds started blowing

The waves started rising and falling in the direction of hopes

The process of life continues.......................

When I am With Me

Its very rare that i will find spare time alone with silence, music and with my dreams. I am a daydreamer .During my leisure time I will take myself a long journey through my olden days which has become today’s memories. They are the lovely moments of my life every time. You feel great when u come across the things that u gained in your life, similarly u feel pity too for the things went out of ur hands and went wrong. Lets check out the scientific approach to this idea. In physics there is a theory , which states that

The amount of energy lost=the amount of energy gained

Yes, it sounds a bit scientific but that’s true in human’s life too.

When you look behind, you can see what you have gained so far and what u have lost. And if you try to measure the weight of the gains and the losses, the figure u will get will be the same. You cannot gain something without loosing something and thats one way or the other u will loose when u gain.

But that really sounds terrific becoz nobody wants to loose anything .What we all wish is to gain what ever we can. And we don’t even want to think about the dark side of our life.

You feel happy when u become successful in life but the intensity increases only if you have failed atleast once in your life. When you feel that you lost something in your life jus try to find out what r the things u gained as well. Try to be happy for gaining atleast someting. This is the way you can be happy always. Also this is the way of becoming positive .Life is a wave with ups and downs. Be positive and find ur life improving and u can have a happy life.

Life is only once so live it to the maximum.

Try to be happy with whatever you have and keep on trying for what you want to be.

Both the happiness and sorrows are the two faces of life which makes the life more beautiful and leads us to live a life to its fullest.

Believe in the power of GOD which means the truth and the love . Whereever you find both truth and the love... you can feel the god’s can se the happiness there.

So when I am with me I will talk to my soul ...........I will make her happy if she is sad and share the happiness .I will try to convince her ......try to find answers to her questions .......try to boost her up if she is down.....yes its me myself taking care of soul. I will make sure that she is always happy with her life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Life

I love to become more busy in my life .But sitting at home makes me lazier and lazier.... which i hate the most.I luv my friends and always luv to be with them.
I was wondering how can I enjoy each and every moments of my life. Everybody in this world will have their own problems in one way or the other.
So How can we overcome our problems .....??????
Life is full of mysteries....If u get a chance to question someone who is responsible for our life we all have the same question ... Y???? and .....Y???
Y it happens to me???????
Sometimes it hurts and some times it embraces
Sometimes it makes u very happy
Sometimes it gives u what u want in life without another thought
But sometimes it really test ur patience.It will takes u through the journey of all emotions and thoughts...
That is life and we have only one Life!!!!!!!!
U dont knw whn u'll die .So life is too short and its very important to find happiness in everything u does.
But I believe that the happiness in our life is not in the hands of the people around u ....but its in your hands.U should find luv and happiness in whatever u do and wherever u go.Happiness & Love is proportional to life.If u can forgive others mistakes and take life as a challenge .....u will find it more exciting and you will LOVE to wake up each morning with the same excitement that never fades.......... and if u can take life easy ......u r gonna rock ur life......4 sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happiness is all about love and the way u carry it.The more stress u put on life the more difficult the life is gonna be.The more u let it loose u can find happiness in each and every moments of ur life.
Learn from the past and realize the truth. Give a positive thought as in Mahabharatham........ Lord Krisha said.
Learn to forgive others mistakes...... .....and live a life the way u wanted to be.
Do not restrict something that gains you satisfaction ,happiness,confidence,luv n ur own life..and do something to help the poor,children,orphans etc...Do what ever Good Things that u can do in ur life as early as possible .Bcoz u don't know when u will die and once u grew older and when u sit back and take a journey through ur past u will not get satisfied for having a life just for yourself.

DONOT forget that life s only live it happily.

Hi Everybody,

This is Alice your new friend.Iam new to this world of blogs.I was planing to publish my first blog from quite a long time.And finally iam here with u guys!!!!!Thanks for your warm Welcome!!!
Have a g8 time and enjoy bloging.